Sampling Activities

Welcome to Sampling!

You will find a Sampling lesson for your chosen subject(s) below.

Your Sampling lesson will take place using NEAROD which is virtual and interactive to give a real taste of the subject you have applied for or are considering applying for.

How to access your NEARPOD lesson – it’s really simple

  • Click on the link below for the subject you want to sample
  • Clicking the link will usually take you straight to the lesson. If you are asked for a code, please enter the code supplied.
  • To move through the NEARPOD slides, please click on the right arrow to go forwards or the left arrow to go back.


On your NEARPOD lesson your subject tutor will talk to you via the voice note at the bottom of the screen or sometimes you will see a voice note at the top of the screen.

It is REALLY important that you listen to these voice notes, as they contain essential information and help you to meet our friendly tutors too. So keep a look out for the voice notes -we don’t want you to miss out!

We hope you enjoy your sample lesson.

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