Coronavirus Update

Information for all Students

Following the recent update from the Government the College will be moving to on-line learning from Monday 23rd March.

All teaching will move on-line from Monday regardless of the current information available relating to examination and assessment. As information becomes available from awarding bodies we will update the learners/programmes affected.


Update 24 March 2020

Coronavirus Update – Decision to close College until further notice

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday, the families who had students attending College this week have all confirmed that they have made other arrangements for their son/ daughter to stay at home at this time. Bespoke support plans have been agreed and are being delivered remotely by College for EHCP students. Students, and their parents/carers, who are on an EHCP will be able to update tutors on a daily basis should their position change and we will work with you to ensure that your needs are being met.

On-line pastoral support and welfare services are in place for all learners along with on-line course delivery.

The College is therefore now closing the remaining campuses (Leigh College and Parsons Walk Campus) at the end of today (24/3/20).

We are working closely with Wigan Council and stakeholders throughout this time and we are committed to providing as much support as we can to all our students, staff and the wider College community at this difficult time.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Update 20 March 2020

In line with the Government’s request the College will provide support for students who are on an Education Health & Care Plan and for those 16-18 students who are the children of key/essential workers. The support available is detailed below:

  • The campuses at Parsons Walk (Wigan) and Leigh College (Leigh) will be open Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4.30pm. The Pagefield campus, Wigan School for the Arts and Leigh Adult Learning Centre will be closed.
  • The library resource centres will be open for these students to undertake the on-line learning that is being made available to all learners. There will be supervision and support but there will be no taught sessions.
  • There will be a limited catering service (no hot food)
  • Attendance is not mandatory and this support is optional. All the learning resources will be the same as those available on-line to all students. We are also aware that our 16-18 students are young adults where the childcare restrictions are not the same as those for younger children and not attending College does not have the same impact on key/essential workers. We would welcome your co-operation in minimising attendance at College wherever possible.
  • Any attendance at College for these groups of students will still have to apply with current public health guidelines relating to self-isolation and social distancing.
  • College buses to Leigh College will be suspended. A tutor from our Additional Learning Support Department will be available to discuss alternative travel arrangements should they be needed.

In summary please note:

  • College is not open Friday 20th March
  • On-line learning commences Monday 23rd March
  • A support service is available for EHCP students and those students who are children of key/essential workers only