Apprentices Guidance

Key Information

On this page we will keep you updated on the latest announcements from College and from awarding bodies. This will be updated as information comes through. Downloads are listed on the right hand side and this will include a compilation of information from awarding bodies and will detail where possible which courses are affected.

There is some summary information below outlining why we are committed to supporting your continued learning and how this may affect your course of study.


The College and your own individual learning is currently being affected by unprecedented events. However it is essential that wherever possible you continue with your learning and that we provide every opportunity for you to continue with and/or complete you studies.

Continued study is important for the following reasons:

  • Whilst information around examination and assessments is not finalised and the potential grading methodology is not known it is important to continue with your assessment and assignments as directed by your tutor. Marked work may well form part of the grade assessment decisions. For those on the first year or a 2/3 year course it is essential that you continue with your assessed work and keep on track ahead of the next year of your course.
  • If you are on a level 1 or 2 programme and are looking to progress to the next level you will need to complete as much learning as possible in preparation for that next step. Planning for next academic year will include ‘catch-up’ time but it will not be possible to cover all work from the summer term.
  • Use it or lose it – studies show that students who stop learning actually slip back when learning stops. If you are progressing to university or other study it is a long time to cease learning and it will impact on your studies when you hopefully re-start in September 2020.
  • Keeping your career/job plans on track – we do not know how long the current situation is going to last. This time is an investment in you and your aspirations. Do not let circumstances affect your overall ambitions and progress. You have time to study, don’t miss out.
  • It is good for your own wellbeing. You are part of the college community and though that hasn’t changed, your social interaction with friends and tutors has. Keeping engaged with that community through your on-line learning and supporting your own development is good for your wellbeing as well as your progress.

Home and Online Learning

  • Learning and support for your learning will continue on a remote basis.
  • Your employers should continue to facilitate the 20% off the job time for learning
  • You will be able to access the learning for College taught sessions in accordance with your existing timetable through the College Virtual learning Environment (VLE). A new tile has been added under each course named Working at Home where you will find instructions and resources. This will include maths and English as well as vocational learning. (Step by step instructions are available below should you need guidance to do this)
  • Classroom tutors will provide support via College Email or other approved College communication system. (There is a guidance to use Microsoft Teams on the side link on the right should this be being used by your department)
  • You should continue to submit work and assignments in the usual way
  • Trainer Assessors will NOT visit you within the work place as this would undermine the social distancing aspect of the Government’s strategy however they will continue to make appointments with you to support learning and ongoing assessment. Short videos from work, professional discussions and other approaches will enable you to continue making progress. Learning materials and resources will be made available via Smart Assessor and other platforms and the trainer assessor will provide guidance for this purpose
  • Please advise your trainer assessor if you have to start working entirely from home as part your employer’s response to the current health crisis. This may further restrict the progress that can be made and could result in a new end date for completion
  • It is uncertain how some aspects of achievement can be managed. The College is working closely with awarding bodies in terms qualifications and End Point Assessments and we shall update this site as further information becomes available
  • In the meantime continue to progress through your programme developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need for your future