Re-enrolling at College

Over the past few months, you have discussed your next steps after your current course with your Tutor(s) and many of you have chosen to stay at College and move onto the next level or next year of your course.

If you are staying at College, you now need to confirm your re-enrolment at College, we need you to log onto the College system, and follow the instructions below:-


Confirming your Progression

Browse to the progressions portal homepage here and enter your college email address: ( e.g. )

This will then take you through to the college’s OnTrack progressions web login page where your email will already be present in the username field. Enter your usual college IT access password here and click sign in.

You may be asked if you wish to “Stay Signed In?” at this point. It is recommended to select “No” if you are not using a personal device. This will then proceed to log you in to the college’s applications and progressions portal within OnTrack.

Select the “Progressions” option on the left hand side and make your choice:

  1. Confirm Progression
  2. Reject Progression
  3. Request Guidance Interview

Click on the “Save” button, to make your choice. You will then be asked to confirm your choice by clicking “yes”.

You will then receive confirmation that your choice has been saved. The progression link will remain visible on the side menu but will now display your progression details and choice.

More detailed instructions can be found here.