Plumbing Level 2 Technical Diploma

28070W0 | Pagefield Centre, Wigan
Start Date | 05/09/2022
Time/Day | FULL TIME

Is this course for me?

Plumbers fit, service and repair hot and cold water systems, and heating systems in homes and businesses. If you want a varied job that makes good use of your practical skills and takes you out and about, plumbing could be the career for you. You will need to be good at solving problems, be able to follow technical plans, and understand the importance of health and safety. Youll also need good customer care skills.

What will I study?

Plumbing modules include: safety in plumbing, key plumbing principles, common plumbing processes, cold water systems, domestic hot water systems, sanitation, central heating, electrical supply and earth, sheet lead work, environmental awareness and effective working relationships. You will be assessed through continuous external and internal assessment; completing a portfolio with workshop-based evidence and ten examinations.

How long is the course?

Full time for one academic year

How will I be assessed?

By continuous external and internal assessment; completing a portfolio containing workshop based evidence and ten examinations.

What qualifications do I need?

A minimum of 5 GCSE subjects graded 9-3 or equivalent including maths or English.

What can I progress onto?

This qualification can lead to you gaining employment in the plumbing industry and gaining further qualifications at Level 3. A highly experienced Plumber can earn over £37,000 a year.

Other Information

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Course Fees

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Exam Fee


Plumbers and Heating and Ventilating Engineers

Jobholders in this unit group assemble, install, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, heating and ventilating systems and pipes and pipeline systems in commercial, residential and industrial premises and public buildings.

Requirements: Level 3 NVQ; A Levels


FALL in employment in 5 years

What could you earn


Typical Tasks

  • Repairs burst pipes and mechanical and combustion faults and replaces faulty taps, washers, valves, etc.
  • Attaches fittings and joins piping by welding, soldering, cementing, fusing, screwing or other methods.
  • Tests completed installation for leaks and makes any necessary adjustments.
  • Installs fittings such as storage tanks, cookers, baths, toilets, taps and valves, refrigerators, boilers, radiators and fires.
  • Measures and cuts required lengths of copper, lead, steel, iron, aluminium or plastic using hand or machine tools.
  • Examines drawings and specifications to determine layout of system.


Building and Construction Mechanical Customer and Personal Service Design Physics Engineering and Technology Mathematics English Language Administration and Management


Active Learning Mathematics Critical Thinking Learning Strategies Reading Comprehension Active Listening Monitoring Speaking
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