Head of Studies

The Head of Studies are dedicated to providing a strong and supportive pastoral system that is focused on helping students get the most from College life and develop their full potential.

We have Heads of Studies located at each College Centre. Please contact 01942 761600 if you wish to speak to speak to a member of the team.

Marie Tighe
Marie Tighe
Head of Studies
07920 822122
Gareth Sutton
Gareth Sutton
Head of Studies
01942 764859
Maxine Mealey
Maxine Mealey
Assistant Principal
01942 761713


Enrichment activities range from sports events and charity raising initiatives to fun days. Students may also participate in awareness raising events on a wide range of subjects including health issues.

Students benefit from curriculum relevant trips and visits and in many areas enter high profile local and national competitions. Raising awareness of these opportunities is a key feature of the pastoral plan, with half termly assemblies at each building, hosted by Heads of Studies.

Help with Learning Support

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is available at all College centres for students who disclose a learning difficulty and/or disability. Following a confidential assessment with one of our Additional Learning Support Officers, a support plan will be put in place.

If students do not have a difficulty or disability, but need extra help with their studies, they can access this in Additional Learning Support Study Rooms, without booking. We can help them with skills like planning and organisation, structuring assignments, research and proofreading.

Learning Resources Centres

Each of our three centres provide a library service and access to a wide range of technology, resources and services to support learning.

In addition, students and staff have access to a growing collection of online resources including thousands of e-books, e-journals and e-databases. These are all accessible via the College VLE and available on and off campus on any device with an internet connection. At the start of their course, students are given a College computer network account and secure storage space on the network. They are also provided with a printing allowance which may be topped up if required.

Wellbeing Support

We are committed to supporting student wellbeing and mental health. We have an inclusive approach with respect for those with mental health issues. We challenge mental health stigma through curriculum teaching and promote wellbeing through tutorials, enrichment and targeted support.

If your son/daughter is struggling with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, stress or other mental health difficulties, we may be able to help. We work with them on strategies to build resilience, confidence and independence. We provide top tips to boost self-esteem and advise on techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises. We deliver support through tutorials, small groups or one-to-one appointments, dependant on needs.

We recommend apps, online tools and live web chat support with our wellbeing team to support mental health.

However if social media is contributing to your daughter/son’s difficulties they may benefit from our Digital Detox sessions to promote positive mental health without the use of technology.

We have links with local health and voluntary sector groups and may refer students for support if we are unable to meet their needs.

Student ID Cards

Wearing the Student ID badge is extremely important and we ask you to support us in encouraging your son / daughter to wear it with pride and a sense of belonging to an organisation they can be proud of. It helps us ensure your son / daughter’s safety at College, because staff can instantly recognise whether or not someone should be on our premises. It develops responsibility because it is an item that must be remembered and worn and makes our students feel part of the College community. It also allows our wider community to recognise students from Wigan & Leigh College.

Sanctions are in place for students who forget their ID badge. A temporary paper badge will be issued for the day and must be worn so that the student can be recognised but they will not be able to move through our access controls on entrances and exits, so will have to remain on one site for the day.

They may also have problems using travel passes on local transport as the student badge is recognised by bus drivers. They will not be able to access credits electronically implanted in the card, like print credits or free College meals.

It is the responsibility of all students to come to College prepared for the day.


We are actively engaged with an open (ecumenical) chaplaincy based on Christian tradition. The chaplaincy welcomes people of all faiths and none, regardless of their background, or status, to live richer, more fulfilled and transforming lives.

The vision of the chaplaincy is ‘To be a beacon for hope and transformation in the lives of individuals and communities served by Wigan & Leigh College’.

The chaplaincy is guided by values such as respect and understanding of differences, kindness and transformation through challenging all to see a better, fairer world. We celebrate our Christian roots, but understand our work goes beyond the narrow confines of religion for the benefit of all in our borough and the wider world.