English & Maths

Each year we transform the lives of hundreds of adults by helping them gain essential skills and qualifications in English and maths.

Most of the time we don’t think about English and maths, but we use these skills all the time:

  • At home - paying for bills, reading letters, or recipes, or even booking holidays.
  • At work - communicating with colleagues, customers or calculating wages.
  • In our social life - paying for shopping or petrol, sharing a bill in a restaurant, or reading a menu.

With a range of courses including Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills and GCSE, we can offer a route for you to improve your skills.

FREE GCSE Maths and English

You may be eligible for full funding if you do not already have GCSE Maths and English grades 9-4, regardless of the other qualifications you may hold. If you would like to enrol for GCSE Maths and English book an assessment and enrolment appointment to discover your options. Bring your certificates, so our staff can help you get on the right pathway.

To book your assessment, call 01942 761 111