Wigan Foundation for Technical Education (WFTE)

If you’re a Wigan & Leigh College student looking to secure funding, you could be in luck...

Every year the Wigan Foundation for Technical Education (WFTE) provides around £40,000 to Wigan & Leigh College students in support of their education!

Whether it’s help towards a College trip or even the cost of equipment, WFTE is there to provide financial support to those where no other sources of funding are available


The Foundation, founded in 1905, is a registered charity which generates most of its income from investments and rental on land and buildings that it owns.

It is managed by a group of Trustees that includes College Governors, the Principal, members of staff and independent members.

WFTE’s main objective is to advance the education of students attending Wigan & Leigh College.


  • To support the welfare of students by contributing towards educational visits and activities
  • To provide financial assistance for students in need, where no others funding if available

How to apply

Please be aware that applications cannot come directly from students. Instead, it must come from a Personal Tutor on behalf of the student(s).

Forms must be returned to the Clerk to the Trustees, Joanne Platt via email j.platt@wigan-leigh.ac.uk

If you are unsure about any aspect of the application, please email Joanne Platt.