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    What is a cookie?

    When you visit a website, the web server places a simple text file on your device. This is a ‘cookie’.

    The majority of websites that you visit will use cookies in order to enhance your browsing by allowing that website to ‘remember’ you, either for one visit (a ‘session cookie’) or return visits to the site (a ‘persistent cookie’).

    In addition to session and persistent cookies, a website may use ‘first party cookies’ or ‘third party cookies’. These types of cookies allow websites to target you with advertising or gather data about you.

    Cookies are generally not harmful, however, if you wish to you can block them through your web browser.

    What type of cookies does the Wigan & Leigh College Website use?

    The only type of cookie we use on our site is a ‘third party cookie’ which is for collecting data on Google Analytics. This data tracks details such as the browser you use, the country you accessed our site from, etc, which can in turn help us to understand better your needs in further developing our website.

    Career Coach Cookie Usage

    Brief Summary

    session-based cookies (session-based cookies are temporary)
    - we track visit information for anyone who visits the site
    - we track whether the current visitor is a logged-in user

    persistent cookies
    - we store a cc_authenticated cookie for authentication-required schools (this only applies if your school has the additional authentication security turned on)
    - we store a visitorid cookie for every visitor to our site

    Session-based Cookies

    We store a temporary sessionid cookie on the computer of every visitor to Career Coach. This is just a random alphanumeric used to connect the visitor with data we store on our servers. All the data connected to session (visit information, whether the visitor is logged-in, etc.) is actually stored on our servers. The only information being stored on the visitor's computer is the random alphanumeric string used to identify them.

    Also, since this is a sessionid cookie, it's temporary, expired as soon as the visitor closes their browser.

    Persistent Cookies

    For every visitor to Career Coach, we store a persistent cookie on their computer identifying them with a random visitorid, a random number connected to data in our database. Nothing in addition to the number is stored on their computer, and the number is only used to track their usage of the tool. We use this data internally to improve the interface of Career Coach and to test out new features. Administrators for institutions purchasing Career Coach also see statistics pulled from this data when they login (e.g. which courses are being viewed by the most visitors; which search phrases lead visitors to view which occupations, etc.).

    In addition to the visitorid cookie, we also store a cookie to keep track of "authenticated" users. This is only used when an institution enables out security feature, locking down their site to only visitors that come from approved links. These cookies are persistent so visitors coming from an approved link can return to the site directly without restriction. No data whatsoever is connected to this cookie; it only serves as a pass to get into the site.

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