Civil Engineering Senior Technician Apprenticeship

33522W0/P | Centre for Advanced Technical Studies
Start Date | 01/08/2024
Time/Day | TBA

Is this course for me?

This occupation is found in the construction, built environment and engineering sectors, with civil engineering senior technicians employed in a variety of organisation types and sizes.

The broad purpose of the occupation is coordinate, manage and provide the technical planning, design, building, management, maintenance or dismantling of the built environment (such as buildings, structures, parks and public spaces, schools, offices, museums, hospitals) and infrastructure, such as transportation (road, rail, bridges, tunnels, ports and airports), water and waste management, marine and coastal engineering (irrigation systems, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), flood, river and coastal defences), water and power supplies (utilities, hydropower, power stations, nuclear plants, on and offshore wind farms)

What will I study?

In this apprenticeship you will be learning the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be successful in your chosen role, these include: Knowledge & Skills: Health and safety, sustainability, engineering principles, construction management, planning and organising work and monitor quality. Behaviours: Professional Judgement, commitment to code of ethics, continuing professional development, commitment to equality and diversity, communicate effectively, work in teams and demonstrate innovation.

How long is the course?

36 months

How will I be assessed?

For your End Point Assessment you will:

Complete a project and write a report. You will be asked to complete a project. The EPAO will give you suggested project titles. The report should be a maximum of 3500 words (with a 10% tolerance).

You need to prepare and give a presentation to an independent assessor. Your presentation slides and any supporting materials should be submitted at the same time as the project output. The presentation with questions will last at least 30 minutes. The independent assessor will ask at least 5 questions about the project and presentation.

Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

You will have a professional professional discussion with an independent assessor. It will last 40 minutes. They will ask you at least 6 questions. The questions will be about certain aspects of your occupation. You need to compile a portfolio of evidence before the EPA gateway. You can use it to help answer the questions.

What qualifications do I need?

Employers are looking for apprentices who have GCSE Maths and english at Grade 4 or equivalent (ie Level 2 functional skills), A minimum of 5 GCSEs, graded 9-3 or equivalent, including Maths or english. Level 3 - 6 - A minimum of 5 GCSEs, graded 9-4 or equivalent, including Maths or english.

What can I progress onto?

Progression onto higher level training is available.

Other Information

If you don't currently have an employer and would like to undertake an apprenticeship, take a look at our vacancies at

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