Safe Maintenance of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

36037W0 | Pagefield Centre, Wigan
Start Date | 01/08/2024
Time/Day | 18:00 - 21:00 TBA

Is this course for me?

Are you interested in upskilling on safe maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles? Are you hoping to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle yourself or perhaps invest in your business with electric vehicles? Are you curious about the benefits and limitations of electric/ hybrid vehicles? Why not enrol and get ahead of the green agenda.

What will I study?

All health and safety aspects of working on hybrid/ electric vehicles and basic fundamentals of the workings of those vehicles

How long is the course?

12 weeks

How will I be assessed?

In house assessments ran by college staff such as observations, practical assessments and basic written test.

What qualifications do I need?

No specific qualifications required, enthusiasm towards electric/ hybrid vehicles is beneficial.

What can I progress onto?

Basic repairs of electric/ hybrid vehicles

Course Fees

16-18 Year Olds 19+ year olds Free for eligible learners? Is Loan Available?
£50.00 No No

Exam Fee


Vehicle Technicians, Mechanics and Electricians

Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians accept calls for help and repair and service the mechanical parts and electrical/electronic circuitry and components of cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, and repair and service auto air-conditioning systems.

Requirements: Level 3 NVQ; A Levels


FALL in employment in 5 years

What could you earn


Typical Tasks

  • Repairs and services air conditioning, heating and engine-cooling systems.
  • Installs additional electrical amenities such as radio/CD players, aerials.
  • Checks condition of electrical/electronic systems and carries out servicing tasks.
  • Diagnoses faults in electrical/electronic circuitry, removes faulty components and fits replacements.
  • Carries out routine maintenance checks on oil and air filters, brakes and other vehicle parts/systems.
  • Reassembles, tests, adjusts and tunes the appropriate parts, systems or entire engine.
  • Removes, dismantles, repairs and replaces defective parts and prepares new parts using appropriate tools.
  • Visually checks, test drives or uses test equipment to diagnose engine and mechanical faults.


Mechanical Computers and Electronics Education and Training Customer and Personal Service


Active Learning Reading Comprehension Critical Thinking Learning Strategies Active Listening Speaking Mathematics Monitoring Writing
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