By Fab Futures team

We know the stereotype that all young people spend all day on social media… but actually more and more young people are using social media as a useful tool to find that dream job.

A wide range of companies are increasingly turning to social media to widen their net of potential new talent and there are some things you need to consider before you start to seek work this way.

Which site?

Different platforms work in different ways and some are better placed to look for work – LinkedIn is a great resource for building networks and finding vacancies.

Use your profile carefully as any recommendations would come from the information you have inputted. Why not check out the profiles of people you admire, to see how they got where they did? You can follow companies or people you are interested in working for and get a great sense of their ethos, the type or people they recruit and new developments or innovations. Set up your profile at

Twitter is another great platform for building networks and developing a deeper understanding of current issues in that industry and things that you could refer to at interview.

You could engage in discussions on social media platforms to get your name out there, but check out the top tips below for some useful advice. LinkedIn and Twitter are really useful places to engage in professional discussions and to develop industry knowledge. Check out to find out more

Facebook is also being used by employers and now has a job search feature. But this brings us to a thorny issue with social media – any employer could look at your social media profiles and it could be that they don’t like what they see!!

You could lock your profile down – remember privacy settings are there for a reason, however everyone should be aware of the presence they create on social media and how this could be viewed by others. First impressions count regardless of how they are created. Facebook is a good platform to highlight the breadth of your hobbies, interests or travels. If you don’t already have a profile check out

Top tips

  • Delete any content that puts you in a bad light – do regular Google searches of yourself (when you are logged out of your profiles) and see what comes up. You can archive content that doesn’t really reflect who you are now.
  • Make sure you never bad mouth previous employers on any of your profiles.
  • Engage in social media in a positive way – use good English and be polite. Never use racist or sexist comments on your profiles or like those that other people have posted.
  • Consider what makes you unique and make sure that is on your profile – sports, travel, knowledge or skills you have worked hard to gain or any other special interests.

If these platforms don’t do you justice – create your own content on YouTube or build your own website.

If used wisely, social media could help you to build networks and find the job of your dreams. If you want more advice and information about building your profile, call in to see one of the Careers Coaches in Fab Futures.

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