Level 3 Sport Science student, Thomas Morrissey, speaks of his illustrious year so far as an Olympic development squad member, and his plans for the rest of the season.

The 16-year-old made his international Team GB debut at Apeldoorn, Netherlands, in January, where he and his team fractionally crossed the line before Germany to take the win.

He says: “The feeling of winning internationally was the best. So far that’s one of my proudest moments. Because it was my first time wearing the jersey.”

Tom has also achieved three under 16 national titles, and three under 16 national records.

“I started cycling when I was about nine. It was only about two years ago when I started to see some success and thought, well, maybe it is possible. “You start to be able to shape the dream as you grow up a little bit into the sport,” he says.

Looking ahead, Tom has been selected to compete in the European Championships, held on 6 July in Germany. He has yet to find out the squad selection for the World Championships in China.

Tom says: “We’re working towards China as the end goal. I think a podium for both [European and World Championships] is realistic - our team is really strong. So I think we have a really good shot.”

The former Co-op Academy Walkden pupil balances 15 hours of training per week, with his studies on Leigh Campus.

He says: “It can be difficult. You’ve got to be really organised with your time. If you can plan out an hour that you've got to do an assignment, then use that. But if you're on top of your schedule, then you can get everything done.

“I'm lucky enough to be part of TASS (Target Athlete Scholarship Scheme), which is where the College gives athletes support to compete whilst studying, so I'm lucky enough to get access to really good resources.

“I couldn't have asked for a better college experience.”
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