Hi, I’m Leah, a recent graduate from the University Centre Wigan & Leigh College.

Leah Packingham

I studied BA (Hons) Graphic Design and I completed my degree in June 2022. I then landed my first ever role in the creative industries at Absolute Agency in Horwich in July 2022, where I am now their new Junior Creative. A great opportunity with an amazing agency.

Landing myself this position seemed to happen rather quickly. I had previously visited Absolute as a student through their Right Aligned events and was immediately drawn to the exciting and vibrant personality of the studio. The enthusiasm that the creative team projected was inspiring; this pushed my passion and drive for design further, as I strived to be in such an environment.

Absolute Creative Director, Simon Allman visited my final exhibition at the College where I presented my final major project, WMN - a branding and campaign project that focused on educating young women on their bodies and encouraging them to feel empowered in their own skin.

Receiving feedback from Simon was insightful, he opened my eyes to various elements of design and ways in which my work could be improved. I liked the fact that my designs were challenged, with the intention of making them better. We arranged for a portfolio review and a tour of the studio, which allowed me to meet the Absolute team and get a real feel for the environment.

Within a few hours of leaving the studio I received a call from Simon offering me the position of a creative. It felt so surreal. It was always my dream to work for a design agency as part of a creative team, but I never thought the opportunity would come to me this way.

Since being at the studio I have creatively developed and learned so much already. Being a part of a team of creatives that thrive and bounce off ideas and their passion for design is refreshing. I am encouraged every day to push myself and my designs to constantly improve them.

When starting out in the design industry, you are continuously reminded of how much of a fast paced career it is, how you may get a brief one day and have your deadline the next. In most cases this is true, but what I love about Absolute is that you're encouraged to create bold designs from brilliant ideas; not just to have a quick turn-around. The studio itself is an uplifting and positive environment which focuses on boosting your mental and physical health.

If, like me, you’re new to the creative world and are looking to get your foot in the door, the best advice I could give is to be positive, passionate and smile. Creatives not only look for someone who has an eye for design, they want someone who is focused, driven and will bounce off the team. Building relationships is vital, make your mark. Your personality will shine above all else; and if you love design, then all of this should be easy!

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