By Katie Winrow

What appealed to me about studying A Levels at this college compared to others were the small class sizes; after being here for over a year I can safely say I’m happy I made that choice. Every lesson brings with it opportunities of group discussion with my classmates and tutors, and I’ve found it much easier to ask for help with any work since tutors have the space to give us individual support.

Every lesson can bring with it something different. Tutors always try to provide a range of diverse activities to suit different learning styles. Sometimes it’s a class debate where you argue a view you disagree with; sometimes it’s an opportunity for silent revision with tutor support. It’s hard to find two days that feel the same at Wigan & Leigh College. That’s something I especially enjoy about studying here.

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I take English Combined, Sociology and History. This means I get to spend a lot my study periods on essays, and I research interesting topics related to what we do in lesson. When I’m not working, study periods provide opportunities to get involved in college activities such as mini film screenings and work experience with the college marketing team. There’s usually at least one study period a day if you take 3 A Levels, with space for lunch too!

If you can’t get involved in enrichment activities in study periods, then there’s no need to worry. Personal Development Day provides plenty of opportunities to attend guest talks, career workshops and sessions based on topics we wouldn’t cover in lesson like global issues. My favourite activity is a creative and cultural session. We get to learn about different types of creative media and careers, the sort of field I would ideally like to pursue after college.

The guest speakers have also been fascinating to listen to, with one of my favourite journalists John Simpson talking to us about reporting on the news in other countries.

While Personal Development Day is online, my regular days are spent on the Parsons Walk Campus in the University Centre. All the classrooms are spacious and modern which has been helpful for social distancing during the pandemic. College provides sanitisation facilities in every classroom and study area.

I love the new look given to the canteen and library now that renovations are finished. The canteen serves tasty food at low prices and my friends on bursaries get a dining allowance for a full meal deal. I am vegan and have found plenty of dining options as they cater to most dietary requirements.

Parsons Walk is right by Wigan Town Centre which makes getting to and from college a breeze. The bus and train stations are less than 5 minutes away. The town also has plenty of shops and restaurants if you want a bite to eat after college or need to pick up some new stationary. But no matter the campus, there’s always everything you need in college too!

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