Writer and curator Pete Brook hosted an informative Skype interview with our psychology students focusing on prisons and images.

As part of the Colleges A Level Professional Honours Programme, students engaged in discussion about the complexities of the prison system in the US while learning how art can be a force for change in highlighting injustice in society.

Originally from Lancashire, Pete, who now lives and works in Portland, talked about how the Trump presidency could impact the prison system.

Students researched Pete’s work and previous articles to give them a platform to ask a variety of critical questions allowing them to explore a variety of factors associated with incarceration.

Head of Teaching and Academic Studies, Tanya Evans said: “Our psychology students received an inspirational experience and learnt how the overwhelming reason people are locked up in the US is due to drugs and not violence against the person (as in the UK).

Molly Stewart, who is celebrating after being offered a University place at Kingston University London to study forensic psychology, said: “I think he was extraordinary. He had a wide knowledge about prisons and the justice systems and it opened my eyes to real life problems that occur in everyday life. His words were inspirational.”

Applications are still open to study on the A Level Professional Honours programme. Visit www.wigan-leigh.ac.uk for details.

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