Welcome to ‘The End of Year Show’ for 2020. This popular and well-attended event has become a strong tradition in School for the Arts and is the highlight of our academic calendar. This year however, we find ourselves collectively living in unimagined and unprecedented times, due to this global pandemic known as ‘COVID-19’.

View the exhibition here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/LqOeh9MpiOASt/

In March we were instructed to cease face-to-face instruction and move out of our beloved School for the Arts building, to continue teaching and learning ‘remotely’ from our homes. Immediately, dining tables became workstations, bedrooms transformed into studios and while the routine of everyday life as we had come to know it faded into memory, new creative landscapes began to reveal themselves. We held onto our high expectations and new skills for life and work were quickly developed and honed.

This compilation of work produced by students working in a range of subject specialisms, from Level 1 to Degree level graduates, is tribute to the adaptability, creativity and technical skill of staff and students alike. The show serves as a testament to the resilience, resourcefulness and commitment of our learning community to ensure that ‘the show must go on’. We now invite you to join us in celebration of the creative achievements of The School for the Arts students made during this most challenging time.

Mark Smith, Head of Art, Design Media and Performing Arts

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