Attendance Procedures

Your son / daughter has committed to undertake a programme of study and we expect them to attend all timetabled lessons. Poor attendance leads to underachievement, and being late is disruptive for other students in the class and will not be tolerated. Persistent late arrivals and absenteeism will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the College disciplinary policy.

Absenteeism may also result in the student being liable for a fee for missed examinations, and hinders progression to higher education or employment. Absenteeism may also result in losing bursary awards / payments.

Holidays during College term time will not be not approved and will always be recorded as unauthorised absence. (You may request specific attendance information on your son / daughter).


All students (or parent / guardian / carers of those under 18) must notify the College of an absence or expected late arrival before the start of the first lesson, or no later than 10am. If your son /daughter is absent from a work placement you must notify your placement and the College. If they do not notify the College we will contact you to tell you about the absence and ask for reasons. In these instances your son / daughter will not be following the College Code of Conduct and may be subject to the disciplinary process. Bursary / free bus pass offer or other College offers will be affected by all absences (notified and not notified) and persistent absence may result in the loss of the full award.


To inform the College of any genuine reasons for absence your son / daughter should contact the Retention Improvement Officer:

01942 761600 (option 4) before 10am


If your son / daughter is late for College they must also report this on the telephone number above. It is their responsibility to ensure a late mark and not an absence mark has been recorded. They should speak to the tutor at the end of the lesson.


All absences for sickness will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Holidays are not permitted in term time and all routine doctor, dental, orthodontic and opticians appointments should be made outside of the timetabled classes. Where these do occur in the College day they will also be recorded as unauthorised absence.


Some absences may be classified as authorised absence. Your son / daughter must inform their personal tutor in advance and get approval for an authorised absence. Authorised absence will only be approved if the reason is unavoidable and your son / daughter has provided evidence to support the request to their personal tutor. An absence even for the reasons listed below, will not be recorded as authorised if prior evidence is not provided and agreed. Evidence provided after the absence has taken place will not change the recorded mark of unauthorised absence, except in serious, emergency medical circumstances or sudden unexpected bereavement.

Authorised Absence

  • University open days (limit of three)
  • University / apprenticeship / full-time job interviews
  • Hospital appointments / admissions supported by a doctor’s note / hospital letter
  • Bereavement / funeral
  • Religious holidays.