Rachael Silverwood - Senior Lecturer and course leader

I am fortunate enough to do what I love for a career and enjoy sharing my experiences and ideas with my students

Current role

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader.

Before teaching

Rachael’s career started as a textile designer for Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, in home wear and baby products. She’s worked as a freelance designer creating bespoke items for the women’s wear, home wear and children’s clothing markets, which have sold worldwide. A multi- talented creative, Rachael has also worked on greetings cards and stationery.

Outside of teaching she creates and exhibits textile artwork for galleries and shops in England and Wales.

Career highlights and achievements

When a recent graduate, Rachael was one of two finalists in the shortlist for the Children’s Illustration prize, following an exhibition at New Designers in London.


I have been drawing and making things since I was about three years-old according to my family

I am a textile magpie and adore antique markets and searching vintage stalls for unusual forgotten items and fragments of the past to incorporate into my work. I have a great passion for the outdoors and love gardening, and natural landscapes. I am a creative night owl and have small sketchbooks dotted about the house. I truly believe there is inspiration to be found everywhere.Even the most subtle of textures or a fleeting viewpoint can be the starting point for a design.”

Academic background

Rachael was the first student from Wigan & Leigh College to progress to a Graphic Design course at Staffordshire University where she achieved a first class honours degree in Surface Pattern Design. 10 years ago Rachael gained a PGCE teaching degree at a high level through Wigan & Leigh College and swiftly became a member of the School for Arts teaching team.