Transition to the University Centre

We appreciate that this is a worrying and difficult time and recognise many of you are understandably anxious, given the unprecedented circumstances the world faces with the current coronavirus pandemic. We have put some information together and some useful video’s which we hope will help you.

Decision Making

If you are feeling indecisive during these difficult times, this video may help you to look at your mindset, identify what prevents you from making a decision and what you do to make things feel more manageable.

Critical Thinking

When you start your studies at university, you will need to start critically thinking. This may sound a little scary so we have put together a simple guide in this video to help you learn and develop your skills to critically think ready for your assignments.


A look at how student finance, including what your entitled to, how repayments work, bursaries and scholarships and if going to uni is worth the investment.

Budgeting Skills video

Budgeting Skills top tips


During this difficult time you may have lots of questions including should I defer, will my lessons be online, what will student life be like…. If you click on the link below this will take you to Greater Manchester Higher who offer impartial information, advice and guidance on Higher Education. They have collated lots of frequently asked questions to help you.

You can also make an appointment with Fab Futures if you would like some 1 to 1 support and guidance.