16-18 College Bursary

If you are a full-time student, aged 16-19 and your annual household income is less than £26,000 you can apply for help with college costs to cover; travel, meals, books, equipment and uniforms.

When can I apply?

If you are 16 or over but under 19 on 31/08/2022 (September 2022 entry) then we recommend that you apply as soon as you enrol onto your course to receive maximum benefit from the bursary scheme. For further information please contact 01942 761111

How can I apply?

Please ensure you return the application form with the relevant evidence electronically to fundingapplications@wigan-leigh.ac.uk

Terms and conditions apply.

Vulnerable Bursary

  • Worth up to £1,200
  • A range of support to meet your needs including travel support, equipment, materials, uniforms and trips
  • Monthly payments of up to £120, giving you the flexibility and decision making power to meet your course needs for materials, uniforms & trips, etc.


Discretionary Bursary

  • Support towards the College's Travel Scheme
  • Monthly payments of £55 giving you the flexibility and decision making power to meet your course needs for material, uniforms, equipment, trips, etc.

Learners aged 16-18 who are undertaking a period of CDF industry placement will be allocated funding up to the value of £150 to enable them to attend their placement out of bursary funds*

*Subject to funding


Please note that all applications for funding must be submit electronically to fundingapplications@wigan-leigh.ac.uk. Applications with no evidence or insufficient evidence will be returned to the sender requesting further information. Applications and documentation must all be sent in one email with numerous attachments, please do not send numerous emails containing your application form and evidence, this may result in your form being returned to you asking for further evidence and delaying the assessment process. Please do not use this email address for general funding queries, it is for the submission of application forms only, any queries you have with regards to funding please contact the main college switch board where they will give you options of how to contact us regarding any queries you may have. Please bear with us during our busy periods, especially at the start of the academic year, applications may take up to 4 weeks to assess during these periods.